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Samsung Galaxy S10 Release

February 20, 2019

As "the body camera company that does not make body cameras," Visual Labs is always researching the latest smartphone and smart device technology. For many years, we have said that there is an ongoing paradigm shift from stand-alone, proprietary, camera-only body worn cameras to all-in-one body worn computers. The Visual Labs software has been deployed throughout the country in the private and public sectors on numerous off-the-shelf Android smartphones and with all the major cellular carriers. Smartphone camera technology has rapidly improved in terms of overall quality, field of view, and low-light capabilities, and the resulting videos have become indistinguishable from those taken with a stand-alone body worn camera.

Galaxy S10

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Samsung Electronics America and their Galaxy S10 series of phones. Samsung has always produced high-quality smartphones with excellent cameras and many are ruggedized with an IP68 rating that protects the devices from the elements. The new Galaxy S10 has one notable addition that enhances its integration with Visual Labs software. All three Galaxy S10 smartphones will feature a 123-degree wide-angle lens. With this new capability, any organization seeking to increase worker safety, limit liability, and enhance evidence capture will be able to utilize a Samsung S10 equipped with Visual Labs software to implement a body worn camera program that not only meets industry standards for bodycams but includes significantly more functionality. With Visual Labs, the S10 can not only be used as a body worn camera, but it can also be used as a personnel locator, digital camera, and audio recorder. As always, all evidence can be automatically uploaded from the field to secure cloud storage, and the smartphone can still be used for telephone calls, text messaging, emails, and other Android applications.

"It is very exciting to add such a high-quality piece of hardware as an option for our customers. The release of the S10 epitomizes why organizations should steer away from proprietary body worn camera systems and look to future-proof themselves with software-based solutions," said Alex Popof, Visual Labs CEO.

For more information about the Visual Labs system, visit or email For more information about the new Samsung Galaxy S10, visit

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