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Foldable Samsung Phones

August 14, 2022

As discussed in previous blog posts, we are always looking to leverage the latest innovations in smartphone technology. One of the most recent significant advancements revolves around foldable phone technology. Most notably, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G has been a great addition to the plethora of device choices available to Visual Labs customers.

As a 5G phone, this device leverages the latest connectivity technology. In addition, even with its sleek design, it has an IPX8 rating, which indicates the smartphone is water-resistant for up to 30 minutes in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater.

While other Samsung phones, such as the flagship Galaxy S series devices and the rugged XCover PRO, are quite popular for use with the Visual Labs smartphone body camera solution, the foldable nature of the Z Flip phone literally adds another dimension. By leveraging the horizontal axis fold, officers have a much smaller footprint for mounting the device on their uniform. In fact, when compared to many standalone body cameras, the dimensions are smaller in every direction. (Note that there is a similarly named Z Fold which folds along the vertical axis and is not as conducive to body worn camera usage).

As some background, the first Z Flip was released in early 2020. This Z Flip 3 5G was released in August 2021. Upon release, this cutting-edge device came with a steep price tag and was cost prohibitive for many department budgets. Naturally, prices of smartphones generally go down over time. As a result, it has recently become much more realistic for agencies to procure such a unique device, especially with the very generous subsidies of cellular carriers.

Below is a picture of the Z Flip 3 5G mounted on an officer as part of our rollout with a city's police department in southwest Missouri.

On a related note, another unique feature of most Samsung phones is its DeX Mobile Desktop product. It allows users to create a desktop-like experience on a mobile display, all from a smartphone.

Sheriff Joe Colston of the Monroe County, Missouri Sheriff’s Office explained the benefits of their all-in-one Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones: “The smartphone has replaced four or five pieces of equipment, and we’re not settling for something less.” These smartphones are used for mobile computing, computer-aided dispatch, records management, and of course, all the body camera and evidence gathering functionality of Visual Labs.

While current Z Flip phones do not support DeX, it seems like it is only a matter of time until users can take advantage of two highly unique Samsung features in one device!

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